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KILM Sprint: Gymboree Gym Go Activewear for Kids

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go! Like most moms of little ones trying to sneak in a killer at-home workout, I constantly get interrupted by my 4- year old daughter. Not…

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Product Review: Burton Snowboards Kids’ and Toddler Snow Gear

Burton Product Kids Toddler Snow Gear

Burton Snowboards hits the mark with their durable, high-quality kids’ gear for snowboarding, playing in the snow or just staying warm in the winter.

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Baby’s First Trip to the Ski Slopes: When Playing in the Snow Gets a NO

Baby Snow play Tips

Taking Baby to play in the snow can be a baby book worthy moment. Or they can decide they’re not in the mood. What life is like when Baby says “NO!” to playing in the snow!

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Kick It Like Mom Sprint: Tips for Baby’s First Trip to the Snow

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go! When taking your baby out into the snow, preparation and extra everything is key.  Here are some tips to help your day be a success:…

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2016 Holiday Fitness Gift Guide: Everything to Get Your Go On

The holidays are here and sadly the dark winter doldrums are right around the corner. (Booo!) Thankfully this holiday season brings us plenty of exciting sports and fitness gift ideas to add to your wish list and theirs for a year filled with active adventures!

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A Sporty Parent’s Guide to Your Kid’s Ballet Class

Ballet Dance Class Tips Cover

So your child wants to try ballet and you feel like you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole. No worries…these tips will see you through to the other side!

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Active Easter Baskets to Get Kids Moving

Active Healthy Easter Baskets for Kids

Easter Baskets don’t have to be filled with candy. Fill your baskets with gifts to get your kiddos moving!

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Your Little-Tike Can Snowboard Too with Burton Riglet Parks

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Kids Lessons

Think your little-tike is too young to try snowboarding? Think again! Burton Snowboards is making it easy for the youngest kids to give boarding a try with their popular Riglet Park Programs. Get ready for smiles & high-fives all around!

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Prep, Pack and Go for a Stress- Free Day Playing in the Snow

Snow Sports Skiing Snowboarding Gear Kids

Getting out the door in the morning to go skiing, snowboarding or play in the snow doesn’t have to take two hours! Everything you need to get organized and just get up and go!

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How to Throw the Ultimate Imperfect Super Bowl Sunday Party

Super Bowl Party Football

With kids Super Bowl Sundays aren’t quite the perfect Pinterest worthy events they used to be….

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