KILM Sprint: Gymboree Gym Go Activewear for Kids

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go!

Like most moms of little ones trying to sneak in a killer at-home workout, I constantly get interrupted by my 4- year old daughter. Not because she needs help getting water, wants a snack or one of the other million reasons kids demand our attention.  She wants to jump right into my workout too!

Gymboree Gym Go Toddler Preschool Girls Kids Activewear

“What? You actually wanted to work out?”

Jumping jacks, burpees, planks and upper body moves with dumbbells; she loves it all.  While it is distracting, I happily let her follow along since I am such a believer in an active lifestyle and modeling heathy habits for our children.

Since she also enjoys kids’ yoga, running and soccer we started shopping around for some quality activewear “like Mommy’s” for her.

Only problem was we couldn’t find much in her size 5.  Athleta Girl, Iviva and even Target have fabulous collections for active girls but sizes only start at a Little Girls’ 6.  We were having a hard time finding much for sporty preschoolers and toddlers!

Thankfully we JUST came across the Gym Go collection at Gymboree! Starting at size 2T and going all the way up to a size 12, the Gym Go line for Girls and Boys has tees, leggings, jackets, shorts and more in fun, colorful designs and with the solid construction you expect from Gymboree clothing.

The store we visited was fully stocked with sizes and styles.  My daughter was SO excited to choose her first real activewear outfit for working out with Mommy.

Gymboree Gym Go Toddler Preschool Girls Kids Activewear

Which means I better expect more company during my upcoming HIIT and yoga sessions!

You can find the Gym Go collection online or in your local Gymboree store.

Gymboree Gym Go Kids Activewear Preschool Toddler

Which of your fitness activities do your kids enjoy participating in?


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