Your Little-Tike Can Snowboard Too with Burton Riglet Parks

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Kids Lessons

The Kick It Like Mom ‘Find Their Go: Kids’ Series scouts out fun programs to keep kids active!

Updated for the 2016-17 season.

By now you’ve probably viewed one the wildly popular videos circulating the internet of toddlers cruising down a slope on a snowboard and been in complete awe.

Think your little-tike is too young to try snowboarding? Think again!

Burton Snowboards is making it easy for the youngest kids to give boarding a try with their popular Riglet Park Programs. They are challenging the myth that starting out on skis is a must by creating a fun and engaging environment for kids to find success with snowboarding, and get families riding together.

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Lessons Kids

Specifically catering to the 3 to 7-year-old crowd, Burton Riglet Parks offer free (yes FREE!) 30 minute lessons to help your little one start off on the right foot (or in this case boot!). Each session includes private one-on-one instruction and even use of a board and boots which saves you from the hassle and expense of rental equipment.

By starting kids out on small (and adorable!) flexible snowboards which are easier to maneuver, Burton is committed to helping kids succeed at boarding and have fun doing it. Using the Burton Riglet Reel, attached to the front of the board, instructors pull kids around a specially designed course helping them develop their balance, weight distribution and become increasingly comfortable shredding on their own!

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Lessons Kids


The entire lesson is extremely flexible and can be tailored to your tot’s level of comfort on the snow. Mom and dad are welcome to walk alongside junior while they find their boarding legs or stand on the sideline and watch as their tike masters sliding down a hill as they focus on hitting a colorful foam dinosaur.

And if your child just isn’t feeling it that day, no problem. They can hop off the board and try again another time.

My 3-year-old daughter tried her first Burton Riglet session this season and absolutely loved it! We came across the program on a visit to our local ski resort to romp around in the snow. Normally hesitant to try new things, she shocked us by wanting to try snowboarding after watching other kids sliding around the course.

We grabbed the smallest boots and board they had on hand and she was off!

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Lessons Kids

As expected she was anxious at the start and I was allowed to hold her hand and walk the course with her as she got used to the feel of a snowboard. By the end of the session she had found her balance and had a huge smile on her face.

Two more sessions under her belt and she is now flying solo down the Riglet Park slopes! She’s gained confidence in herself, learned that when you fall you get back up and try again and has developed a love of snowboarding.

Burton Snowboards Riglet Park Lessons Kids

Burton is definitely carving out a niche for themselves and showing the world that with the right equipment and instruction, the littlest tikes can learn to snowboard in a fun, laid-back environment. Their free, quality instruction is PERFECT for giving snowboarding a try before shelling out hundreds of dollars for equipment and lessons.

Get ready for big smiles and high-fives all around!

More Tips to Prepare for your Family Adventure in Boarding:

Which snow sport do your kids love? Skiing or Snowboarding? How do you make the day fun for the entire family?

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Burton Snowboarding Riglet park Lessons Kids


4 Comments on “Your Little-Tike Can Snowboard Too with Burton Riglet Parks

  1. Great blog! What a smart daughter you have! We are very proud and both of you, Love Julie

    • Thanks for stopping by and sharing! Sounds like snow sports are going to continue to be a fun, active family activity for you as well! And tiny- tikes on skis and boards are SO cute…I can’t get enough 🙂

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