How to Throw the Ultimate Imperfect Super Bowl Sunday Party

Super Bowl Party Football

The other night while cleaning out boxes of old papers, I came across a presentation I did in university called “How to Throw the Perfect Super Bowl Sunday Party”.

I remember this presentation clearly.  It was the first assignment we received in our Business Communications class with the purpose of gauging our public speaking skills coming in.  There were two topics the professor gave us to choose from: Our favorite style of art or how to throw a Super Bowl Party.

Given that I love sports; I of course chose Super Bowl and aced my presentation with meticulously laid out plans for a truly Pinterest worthy party. (Which in itself was pretty impressive since Pinterest didn’t exist yet back then!)

Super Bowl Football Party snacks

Looking back through my presentation now (many years and a toddler later) I had to laugh. My Super Bowl Sunday hasn’t looked that cool in a LONG time. In fact, even with my best intentions, it ends up being pretty imperfect (but we still have lots of fun!)

The 20-year-old perfectionist me would be mortified but here it is— I give you “How to Throw the Ultimate Imperfect Super Bowl Sunday Party.” Enjoy!

Party Prep

Before Kids: Plan invite list, menu and decorations at least 3 weeks in advance. Send Evites to 20 of your closest friends 2 weeks in advance.

After Kids: What?? Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday already?? Oops. Guess it’s a party of 3. Bonus Points for remembering it was the Super Bowl before the morning of.


Before Kids: Tablecloths, banners, cups, plates and napkins in colors coordinated with the teams playing.

After Kids: I think there’s a football around here somewhere to set by the TV….there…..DONE. Leftover Paw Patrol plates from your kid’s last birthday party are also an easy addition.

Super Bowl Football Party Decor


Before Kids: Pre-planned menu filled with a wide selection of Pinterest worthy football themed nibbles alongside a home-made 7-layer bean-dip with artisan chips.

After Kids: Screw it. Just order pizza from Papa John and Peyton Manning. Ring Ring. What?? It’s a 3 hour wait for delivery? I KNOW it’s Super Bowl and we should have planned ahead. Click.

Frantically run out to the store before the game starts to grab a frozen pizza. Good enough.

Digiorno Pizza Super Bowl Football Party

Since Peyton Manning won’t deliver, it’s Digiorno!


Before Kids: A hand-picked selection of craft beers from a local brewery. Bonus points for scoring varieties your friends haven’t tried before.

After Kids: Whatever craft beer is on sale at the supermarket.


Before Kids: Torn between watching your favorite band play the Half-Time show or Puppy Bowl. Somehow manage to watch a little of both.

After Kids: Since the Half-Time show is a now a joke, torn between taking your toddler upstairs to nap or watching Puppy Bowl. They catch a glimpse of the puppies which reminds them they want to watch Paw Patrol instead of football. Bonus Points for getting your toddler down to nap in record time so you can still catch some Puppy Bowl.

Puppy Bowl Football Super Bowl Party

Game time Discussion

Before Kids: Debating the finer points of why your team should be in the Super Bowl instead of the two “horrible” teams that are playing.

After Kids:

Kid- “Where is our team’s quarterback?”

Mom- “Our team didn’t make the Super Bowl.”

Kid- “Oh. What is that guy’s name?”

Mom- “That’s Peyton Manning.”

Kid- “Where is his mommy & daddy?”

Mom- “Probably watching the game.”

Kid- “Oh. What is that guy’s name?”

Mom- “I don’t know honey.”

Kid- “Where is his mommy & daddy?”

(This goes on for 2 hours.)

Kid- “Can we watch Paw Patrol now?”

Mom- “No.”

Kid- “I want to watch Paw Patrol!”

Mom- “No.”

(This goes on for the other 2 hours.)


Before Kids: To all your friends: “Shh, shh, shhhhhh!! The commercials are on!!!”

After Kids: To your potty training toddler: “Do you need to go potty before the game comes back on?” “No.” “Are you sure?” “No.” “No you’re not sure or no you don’t need to go potty?” “No.”

Game comes back on. “I need to go potty!”

Post- Game Show

Before: Eagerly await the announcement of the game MVP and see what car they won.

After: Paw Patrol.

Paw Patrol

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!!



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