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Win a Burton Women’s Mystic Snowboarding Jacket with

Hey Moms!

Are your kids outfitted to the nines in new gear for winter but you’re still rocking “retro” gear? If you need a winter fashion refresh you can win a gorgeous new Burton Mystic Snowboarding jacket from!

Head over to their Instagram @winterwomencom) for contest details! Winner will be announced this Friday, March 3rd. Enter today and you could soon be stylin’ on the slopes.

I won a new snowboarding jacket from earlier this season and am LOVING my new gear 🙂


Quick and Clean: Post-Workout Snacks on the Go, Go, Go

Moms have Superpowers. It’s true.

We may not be able to fly or have x-ray vision (and what I wouldn’t give to make myself invisible when the kids are looking for me!)

We have the power of Go.

It gets us through a typical day.

Alarm goes off, wake up, get the kids up, make breakfast, tell the kids at least 100 times to eat it, shove them out the door to school. Pause— Deep Breath.

Start the laundry, make appointments, return emails, fill out school forms, fill out medical forms, summer camp forms, forms, forms and more forms.  Run to the store, the post office, the vet.  Back home. More laundry, dishes, food prep. How much longer until school pick up?

Squeeze in workout?  Yep, gotta do it! You’ve got 30 minutes—make that 20– before you need to fly out the door to pick up the kids. Just enough time for a quick run on the treadmill. Done.



Workout Complete. Child on the Loose.


Grab bags frantically— your bag, the kid’s sports bags, bag full of snacks, snacks and more snacks.

Keys, phone, extra snacks and out the door! As you drive off in your car filled with enough gear and snacks to last 3 days in the woods, you wonder if you forgot anything?

Yes.  Yes you did. And it may slow you down faster than kryptonite. Read More

Love at First Tight: Athleta Street Tight Legging Collection

Athleta Street Tight Cover

Hi my name is Lorna and I’m addicted to black stretchy pants.

It wasn’t always this way. Before kids, I bravely wore all types of pants: jeans, wool trousers—and my summertime favorite— white linen pants with a bold, colorful blouse. Then kids happened.

After emerging from the post- baby pajamas all- day phase (well— truthfully some days I’m still guilty of that!) I was in-between sizes and had not a clue what to wear while caring for a baby 24/7.  It was then I discovered my very first pair of high- waisted, black stretchy pants. The high- waist flattened all the right areas and they were so darn comfortable for daily baby wrangling.

I knew I had discovered the perfect pant.

4 years later and I haven’t looked back!   Read More

KILM Sprint: 10 Electronic Dance Tracks to Heat up Your Winter Workouts

Brrr— Baby it’s COLD outside!!  Unless you live in a warm state— or country— in which case I envy you!

I LOVE Electronic Dance music to help me power through those winter runs and workouts! If your playlist is in desperate need of a refresh, add these 10 hot, hot, hot Electronic Dance tracks to your playlist ASAP!

Get it Mamas!

1. Light It Up (eat. MO & DJ Snake) – Major Lazer

2. Don’t Let Me Down (feat. Daya) – The Chainsmokers

3. Titanium (feat. Sia) – David Guetta

4. Get Low – Dillon Francis & DJ Snake

5. Hideaway – Kiesza

6. Born This Way – Lady Gaga

7. Crystallize – Lindsey Sterling

8. Bad Girls – M.I.A.

9. Bailar (feat. Pitbull & Elvis Crespo) – Deorro

10. Hey Mama (feat. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack) – David Guetta

11. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory

Okay, that was 11 but I just couldn’t help myself on that last one!

What is your favorite type of music that really gets you pumped up?

The New Mom’s Guide to Getting Your At-Home Workouts Done

New Mom At Home Fitness Workout Cover

Time. Energy. Motivation.

Three things you need to reach your post- baby fitness goals. Three things you definitely do NOT have with a new baby!

No matter if you are a weekend warrior, professional athlete or somewhere in between— the struggle is real for us all.  Sleep deprivation, marathon nursing sessions, never-ending piles of laundry, the demands of your other kids—it’s enough to make the strongest mama wonder how she will ever squeeze in a fitness routine!

While you will never have time and never have energy, sometimes all you need is the right motivation and a few tricks up your sleeve to conquer your day and your workouts. Read More

KILM Sprint: Gymboree Gym Go Activewear for Kids

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go!

Like most moms of little ones trying to sneak in a killer at-home workout, I constantly get interrupted by my 4- year old daughter. Not because she needs help getting water, wants a snack or one of the other million reasons kids demand our attention.  She wants to jump right into my workout too!

Gymboree Gym Go Toddler Preschool Girls Kids Activewear

“What? You actually wanted to work out?”

Jumping jacks, burpees, planks and upper body moves with dumbbells; she loves it all.  While it is distracting, I happily let her follow along since I am such a believer in an active lifestyle and modeling heathy habits for our children.

Since she also enjoys kids’ yoga, running and soccer we started shopping around for some quality activewear “like Mommy’s” for her.

Only problem was we couldn’t find much in her size 5.  Athleta Girl, Iviva and even Target have fabulous collections for active girls but sizes only start at a Little Girls’ 6.  We were having a hard time finding much for sporty preschoolers and toddlers!

Read More

Stand Up and Speak Out with Oiselle

Speak Out Tee Oiselle Fitness Running Activewear

Last week Oiselle, the premium women’s running and athletic apparel brand based in Seattle, launched their Stand Up and Speak Out campaignreleasing throwback “Speak Out” tees and encouraging fans on social media to share what matters most to them with the hashtag #StandUpSpeakOut.

Oiselle is calling the campaign “A call to conversation- to talking about issues that matter to our community.”

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the campaign comes shortly after the US presidential election and the rising movements against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and the hatred that is spreading at alarming rates.

Standing Up and Speaking Out is now going to be more important than ever.

Read More

KILM Sprint: Tips for a Hydrated Day of Winter Sports (Because You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!)

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go!

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are exciting ways to stay active during those long winter months. But all that fun flying down the slopes can quickly lead to some serious dehydration if you’re not careful.

Snowboarding Skiing Hydration Tips

The cold, thin air at high-altitude means you must breathe harder to get oxygen and inhibits your awareness that you’re thirsty.  Also, when you’re cold you may not notice how much fluid you are losing through perspiration thanks to high-tech, moisture-wicking base layers.

Add in your pre-session coffee on the way up to the mountain, wanting to get your money’s worth by skiing non-stop and a little Après beer—a day at the slopes can be a recipe for mega-dehydration.

Here are 6 tips to ensure you stay hydrated to power through your sessions and setting you up for a quick recovery:

1- Start your day off with a quick hydration session.  Most of us wake up dehydrated so chug a glass of water or two before you head out.

2- Enjoy that coffee on the way up to the mountain (but enjoy some water along with it.)

3- Take a freeze-resistant, insulated water bottle with you up onto the slopes. Consider a hydration pack if you’ll be going for lengthy sessions.

4- Take regular breaks from the action to grab a drink of water.  Adding an electrolyte tablet like nuun active will help rehydrate and fuel your body for peak performance.

5- Don’t forget about the kids! If in lessons, ask their instructors if they will be taking regular water breaks. Be sure they drink some water before their Après hot cocoa.

6- Enjoy that tasty Après beer (But drink a glass of water first!)

This post contains some (not all) affiliate links. For more information on what this means, please see my About Page under Blog Monetization Disclosure/ Disclosure Statement.

Fitness Inspiration Gear for When You Need That Little Push

Fitness Inspiration Workout Motivation Etsy

You’ve got your yearly fitness goals set, written down and broken into achievable chunks. You’re on a roll, moving and grooving, kicking ass and taking names and ticking off your weekly goals as you go.  Then BOOM. Life happens. Like it does to everyone. Your kids get sick, you get sick, work gets busy, the baby wont sleep, the workouts stop.

It’s incredibly difficult to get your fitness train back on the rails when you fall out of your routine.  Sometimes it just takes a little extra inspiration to motivate you to keep on chugging away!

These 10 items found on Etsy offer up the quick dose of fitness inspiration and motivation you need!  Plus — they make PERFECT Valentine’s Day presents for all those sporty mamas out there (hint, hint!) 

Read More

Product Review: Burton Snowboards Kids’ and Toddler Snow Gear

Burton Product Kids Toddler Snow Gear

If you are looking for durable, high-quality kids’ gear for snowboarding, playing in the snow or just staying warm in the winter, I highly recommend the Burton Snowboards collection for kids and toddlers.  Their extensive Kids’ and Minishred line of winter gear includes jackets, pants, snowsuits, mittens and backpacks which stand up to the (extremely) tall test of keeping kids warm, dry and comfortable for hours of play in the snow.

With snowsuits for the littlest snow bunnies starting at size 18-24 months and jackets and pants in both Toddler, Little Kid and Big Kid sizes, Burton has nailed what both kids and parents want and expect from their snow gear!

We were introduced to Burton Kids’ through their Burton Riglet snowboarding program.  Our 4-year old has worn Burton coats and pants the past two winters and we couldn’t love the gear more! She loves the fun designs (think Disney Frozen and Marvel superheroes) and keeping warm during snowboard class and school recess. This mom loves that the gear has proven to be ultra-durable, insulated, waterproof and features their “Room to Grow” system with sleeves and cuffs that extend and Velcro adjustable waist so they last more than one season.

Read More

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