Kick It Like Mom Sprint: Tips for Baby’s First Trip to the Snow

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go!

When taking your baby out into the snow, preparation and extra everything is key.  Here are some tips to help your day be a success:

Baby Snow Play Tips 4

Dress Baby warmly with extra layers. You can always shed layers if they get too hot. Be sure to bundle them up in a warm base layer along with an insulated snowsuit, hat, mittens, extra socks and booties.  You can find lots of barely used snowsuits on Ebay or at your local consignment store.  Babies outgrow gear FAST!

When shopping for a snowsuit, look for a one piece insulated bunting rather than a 2-piece suit.  It’s just easier and most buntings include flaps to go over Baby’s hands and feet which saves you the hassle of picking up lost booties and mittens all day long.

If you plan to sled at a ski resort, check the resort’s website before you go. Sledding can be a liability issue and may not be allowed.

If possible, avoid visiting ski resorts on holidays.  Holidays mean big crowds making it noisier and harder to navigate. (Think nowhere to sit, lines for the bathroom, difficult to move around etc.)

As with everything else in life with Baby, take extra EVERYTHING!  Baby may get cold or fussy. Plenty of food, diapers, layers and toys will help keep them happy.

Be sure to bring Baby’s sunscreen and sunglasses!  Snow can produce a ton of glare. 

If you want to do some skiing yourself, leave Baby at home or with an on-resort childcare service.  Lift tickets are pricey and Baby may only last a couple hours before they decide it’s time to go.  It can also be a logistical hassle if you decide to take turns with your partner.

If Baby doesn’t like the snow just try again on another day.  Our daughter screamed at us the entire time one year we took her to play in the snow, loved it the next and now snowboards. You just never know!

What other tips do you have for a fun day in the snow?


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