Prep, Pack and Go for a Stress- Free Day Playing in the Snow

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Snow sports are great way for everyone to get outside and stay active in the winter. Many ski resorts offer lessons for kids starting at age 3 and even your littlest ones can have fun (and a workout) simply romping and rolling around in the snow.

It’s hard to find activities in the winter that everyone can enjoy and heading up to the mountain may be just the ticket. Plus, insider hint, most kids ski lessons are drop-off giving you a couple hours of kid-free time to enjoy the slopes!Mountain Snow Skiing Snowboarding

What is NOT fun about it is all the gear involved and getting everyone packed and out the door in the morning. It really is amazing the super-human power children have to turn a “Let’s get up and get going in the morning!” into a “Mom! Where are my boots? Mom, I’m missing one ski. No, I don’t want to get up. Moooooooom!! Mom, I want snacks” and on and on and on…

Two hours later you’re finally out the door. And then you hit traffic…and then the lift ticket lines…and then the gear rental lines and on and on and on…

Thankfully, with a little prep the night before you too can get out the door in the morning and off to the fresh powder in less than two hours! (A lot less!) And all anyone has to do in the morning is roll themselves out of bed and into the car….seriously!

How is this possible you ask? Easy. Prep, Pack and Go:

Make everyone responsible for gathering their own gear. (So mom doesn’t end up doing it all!) Nothing delays getting out the door more than tracking down one rogue mitten or hat in the morning. Print each family member a copy of my free handy “Pack Your Own Gear” PDF Printable checklist below. It has everything you need!

Pack Your Own Gear Checklist

Load all gear, including skis, snowboards and sleds, into the car the night before. Place all the gear in a Rubbermaid Storage Tote or individual duffle bags and load it up!

Ski Snowboard Gear Kids

NO. No, No, No.

Ski Snowboard Gear Kids


Make a grab and go breakfast the night before so it’s immediately ready to serve up and take in the car in the morning. Slow-Cooker Apple Cinnamon Oats or Blueberry Muffins are both easy, quick and perfect ways to fuel up for a day of skiing and boarding!

Blueberry Muffins Snow Ski Food

Grab it and DONE.

Thermos food jars and bottles keep your on-the-go food and drinks warm for up to 8 hours! Cold snow + Warm Food = Happy Family (and peace and quiet in the car on the way).

Bring along an extra set of comfy warm clothes for the ride home. Especially for your littlest family members who like to romp, roll and jump around in the snow. There’s nothing worse than riding home wet!

For all future trips up to the mountain, keep your clean gear in a storage tote by the door making it even easier to get your act together next time.

Always keep an emergency kit in your car when heading out in the snow. Winter conditions can be unpredictable and it’s important to be prepared. Pack extra snacks, water, blankets and a flashlight. For a complete list check out the CDC website. A full tank of gas and a full cell phone charge are musts.

I hope these tips help you like they have me. Moms deserve to enjoy the day too and being organized helps the day get off to a happy and stress free start!Skiing Snowboarding Kids

What are some of your favorite winter activities? How do you get organized to get out the door?



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