Love at First Tight: Athleta Street Tight Legging Collection

Athleta Street Tight Cover

Hi my name is Lorna and I’m addicted to black stretchy pants.

It wasn’t always this way. Before kids, I bravely wore all types of pants: jeans, wool trousers—and my summertime favorite— white linen pants with a bold, colorful blouse. Then kids happened.

After emerging from the post- baby pajamas all- day phase (well— truthfully some days I’m still guilty of that!) I was in-between sizes and had not a clue what to wear while caring for a baby 24/7.  It was then I discovered my very first pair of high- waisted, black stretchy pants. The high- waist flattened all the right areas and they were so darn comfortable for daily baby wrangling.

I knew I had discovered the perfect pant.

4 years later and I haven’t looked back!  

I now own a complete collection of black stretchy pants.  Black stretchy yoga pants for wearing around the house (and occasionally yoga). Black stretchy activewear capri leggings for working out and school pickup (Did I just workout or am I just lazy? I’ll never tell!) And my “fancy” black stretchy Ponte pants for when I need to be a little classy.


With all the carrying, running back and forth, messy hands, runny noses and the ups and downs that come with having small kids (literally— getting up and down all day long—which really should count as workout), I’m not giving up black stretchy pants any time soon.

I recently came across the Athleta ‘Street Tights’ collection during a shopping trip and was immediately smitten!  Made to go straight from your workout to whatever else your day has in store— whether that be baby wrangling or lunch with friends— the Street Tight Collection offers a wide range of stylish designs and the high-quality construction you expect from Athleta.

While I longed to jump in and furiously grab a pair in every style, I chose a pair of the High Rise Chaturanga to Town Tights (in black of course).   These pants are AMAZING!  They’ve got the high waist that moms love, trendy spiral seams and adorable ankle zips.  The weight is perfect for both a quick sweat session and running around town.


This past weekend, in typical mom fashion, I was in a rush to squeeze in a workout and then hurry off to a dinner with friends.  The Chaturanga to Town Tights were perfect for working out— paired with an active tank— and perfect again for running off to dinner paired with an oversized sweater and boots.

If you like black stretchy pants too (really…it’s okay!) check out the Street Tight Collection at Athleta.  You will not be disappointed!

What features do you look for in the perfect pant?




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