Baby’s First Trip to the Ski Slopes: When Playing in the Snow Gets a NO

Baby Snow play Tips

The first year of a baby’s life is filled with so many special moments— the first time they smile at you, the first laugh, the first crawl, first steps and maybe even Baby’s first trip to play in the snow.

I’ve read a few articles lately with tips for a happy first trip to the slopes.  There are lots of great tips out there— and a few that are unrealistic.  It is a known fact that babies are fickle.  Your day goes as well as their happy mood holds up and getting them prepped for the snow is a massive effort.

We’ve taken our now 7-month-old son up to the mountains a few times already this winter and rather than smiling and cooing he seems to give it a “Hell No!” each time.  If you ask him, he’d probably recount his experience a little like this:

1:00pm- Today Mommy and Daddy are taking me up to “the slopes” for the very first time. I’m not sure what “the slopes” are but everyone is wearing lots of clothes and there are piles of white stuff on the ground outside. My older sister is super excited for this trip but I’m not convinced.

2:00pm- Thank goodness we’re finally here. I desperately need some diaper service! Daddy slides the car into a parking spot and I tell Mommy I’ve got a big surprise waiting for her in my diaper. 

2:01pm- Apparently, there is not a bathroom in the parking lot so Mommy changes me in the back of the car. Good GOD it’s cold! Ack! Hurry up! What, you don’t like me kicking my legs while you wipe my bum? Then put my pants back on! HURRY UP!

2:05pm- Well Hello snowsuit—so we meet again.  I remember you. Mommy made me try you on last week to see if you fit. You are called a snowsuit. I call you a torture device. I can’t move a limb when I have you on. No Mommy. I do not want to wear that thing again. No. Get it away from me. Haha! Try to catch my feet. Ha! Almost got one. Nope….too slow.  Now I’m over here! My, you are persistent. Fine. I give in. Oh by the way, I grew in the past week. See? The legs are too short!

Baby Snow Play Tips2

2:30pm- Man it is COLD. We check sister into her snowboarding lessons and watch her for a few minutes.  She drops into a mini half-pipe and Mommy and Daddy clap for her. Hey! Big Deal! I rolled across an entire room yesterday to grab a dirty sock to chew on and I didn’t hear any clapping. I growl with discontent until we move along.

2:40pm- Walking back to the lodge I notice how strange everyone here looks. Smooth heads, big bug eyes, giant hands and feet— Too scary!  A group of tiny people slides by (on pairs of sticks?) as they chant “French Fries”, “Pizza Pies”.  That reminds me. I’m hungry. Mom? I’m hungry. Mooooom! I’m huuuuungry. MOM! I’M HUNGRY NOW!

2:45pm- Mommy and Daddy are going to take turns skiing while the other feeds me in the lodge.  Daddy goes first. Bye Daddy!  I REALLY want to nurse but Mommy is covered in 3 layers of ski clothes. What is this impenetrable fortress? I must get in there. Mommy says no and pulls out a bottle. I don’t want that…I want the good stuff! No, No, NO! I grab the bottle and throw it on the floor into a pile of dirty slush. Mommy says a word I’ve heard her tell sister is a potty word and a big no no. I like it though…I’ll keep that one for later when I can talk.

3:00pm- Mommy buys a $2 banana and mushes it up for my lunch. That will do. Nom nom nom.

3:15pm- Now I’m ready to practice my crawling but Mommy won’t let me get down on the floor because it’s “wet and too dirty”! WTH.  I’m a little unhappy about this.

3:45pm- Daddy returns from skiing to hang with me in the lodge and it’s Mommy’s turn to ski. Darn! Mommy tells him not to let me on the floor. Grrrrr. There is a dirty mitten in the corner I’d really like to chew on.  Why did you bring me up here if I don’t get to do the things I want to do? I’m cold, I don’t want to touch the snow and you won’t let me roll around on the floor or chew on dirty mittens? I’m done. I want to go home. Time for screaming. Daddy looks stressed.

4:05pm- Daddy texts Mommy to come back. She returns and comments how wonderful it was to pay $65 for a ski pass to do one run.  She gives me a snuggle. Everyone comes back to the lodge for an event called “Apres Ski”.  Hmm.  I’m kind of digging this Apres thing. People are taking off their bug eyes, everyone is relaxed and chatting happily around a warm fire. I smile and flirt with some ladies at the other end of our table.  They giggle and comment on how much I appear to love the snow.  Mommy laughs nervously.

Baby Snow Play Tips 3

5:00pm- Finally we leave and get back in the warm car.  Ahhhh warmth. I love it.  Mom, Dad, thanks for bringing me up to the mountains for a new experience but maybe next time I could stay home with Grandma.  Snow is great but nothing beats a day of warm Grammie snuggles!

Plus, I think I’m more of a beach baby— swimming and surfing sound right up my alley.

Of course, the above story of our day was written in fun. Who knows what babies are thinking!  Our first-born screamed in our face one year we took her up to the mountains and loved it the next. So just keep trying if Baby doesn’t dig it at first!

My biggest advice based on our experience is to BE FLEXIBLE and if you want to ski, think about leaving baby at home.

You can find more tips for taking Baby to play in the snow in this week’s Kick It Like Mom Sprint- Tips for Baby’s First Trip to the Snow.

How was your first trip to play in the snow? What winter fun activities do your kids enjoy?


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