Real Sports Moms

Meet some Real Sports Moms who are out there Kickin’ It!

The Real Sports Mom. Who is she? She’s the one you see running at 5am before the kids wake up. She’s the one making dinner for her family before rushing off to her soccer game. She strives to be a strong, happy, healthy, confident, balanced mother and athlete. She is your neighbor, co-worker, running partner, your teammate. She is you!

A new Sports Mom will be added each month. If you know of someone you think should be featured, let us know!



This soccer playing stay at home mommy juggles “toddler wrangling”, running a charity for HIV affected children in Africa and is the creator of Kick It Like Mom!


Sport: Soccer

Kids: One daughter, 21 months

Inspiration: My daughter & female professional athletes

Super Power: Lightning quick speed!

Favorite Meal: Pasta, Bread & Wine

Signature Accessory: Ugg Boots. I wear them all year round!

Fun Fact: We have a Rhinoceros in the family (yes a real one)

It’s been a good day if: I’ve had all pieces of clothing on the right way all day



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