Stand Up and Speak Out with Oiselle

Speak Out Tee Oiselle Fitness Running Activewear

Last week Oiselle, the premium women’s running and athletic apparel brand based in Seattle, launched their Stand Up and Speak Out campaignreleasing throwback “Speak Out” tees and encouraging fans on social media to share what matters most to them with the hashtag #StandUpSpeakOut.

Oiselle is calling the campaign “A call to conversation- to talking about issues that matter to our community.”

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the campaign comes shortly after the US presidential election and the rising movements against racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and the hatred that is spreading at alarming rates.

Standing Up and Speaking Out is now going to be more important than ever.

A while back I wrote about a “Speak Out” tee I purchased at Title Nine commemorating the Anniversary of Title IX which featured Peanuts character Lucy and the continued fight against sexism.  After the election, I reached out to Title Nine on social media asking if they would bring back the Lucy tee. They quickly responded that a similar project was already in the works with Oiselle and to hang tight.

The new tees finally are here and mine is ordered.


I will wear my “Speak Out” tee proudly and continue to Stand Up and Speak Out against sexism on and off the playing field and against any opposition I see to basic human rights.  I will not sit back quietly while groups of people openly discriminate against others and basic human rights are quickly taken away.


By Standing Up and Speaking Out we set an example for our children; showing that we remain strong even when being pushed down and we continue to stand up for what is decent and what is right.

Tees are selling out fast online and Oiselle says they will be restocking in a couple of weeks. I for one have my fingers crossed that the collection will also be expanded—I’ll take one of everything!

Thank you Oiselle for standing strong for all women and giving them a way to voice their concerns in our ever-changing environment!

What will you Stand Up and Speak Out about?


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