KILM Sprint: Tips for a Hydrated Day of Winter Sports (Because You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!)

Kick It Like Mom Sprints: Lightning Fast Tips for the Active Mom on the Go!

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are exciting ways to stay active during those long winter months. But all that fun flying down the slopes can quickly lead to some serious dehydration if you’re not careful.

Snowboarding Skiing Hydration Tips

The cold, thin air at high-altitude means you must breathe harder to get oxygen and inhibits your awareness that you’re thirsty.  Also, when you’re cold you may not notice how much fluid you are losing through perspiration thanks to high-tech, moisture-wicking base layers.

Add in your pre-session coffee on the way up to the mountain, wanting to get your money’s worth by skiing non-stop and a little Après beer—a day at the slopes can be a recipe for mega-dehydration.

Here are 6 tips to ensure you stay hydrated to power through your sessions and setting you up for a quick recovery:

1- Start your day off with a quick hydration session.  Most of us wake up dehydrated so chug a glass of water or two before you head out.

2- Enjoy that coffee on the way up to the mountain (but enjoy some water along with it.)

3- Take a freeze-resistant, insulated water bottle with you up onto the slopes. Consider a hydration pack if you’ll be going for lengthy sessions.

4- Take regular breaks from the action to grab a drink of water.  Adding an electrolyte tablet like nuun active will help rehydrate and fuel your body for peak performance.

5- Don’t forget about the kids! If in lessons, ask their instructors if they will be taking regular water breaks. Be sure they drink some water before their Après hot cocoa.

6- Enjoy that tasty Après beer (But drink a glass of water first!)

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2 Comments on “KILM Sprint: Tips for a Hydrated Day of Winter Sports (Because You’re Not Drinking Enough Water!)

  1. So true! Dehydration can be detrimental to a fun day on the slopes. With all the activity, water, as well as snacks, can really help make or break a ski day. Here are some great snack ideas that are small enough to fit in your ski jacket pockets

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