Celebrating Success even when Goals Get Off- Track

Positive Goal Setting Prioritization

Happy New Year! 2017 is here. Have you made your resolutions?

My husband stayed up late last night to review his 2016 accomplishments and set new goals for the year ahead.

I chose to prioritize sleep over this exercise after a long day of wrangling a 4-year old and 7-month old.

Honestly, with the constant state of fog over my brain, I have zero recollection of what my goals for 2016 were or where my list is stashed.  I’m also beyond hesitant to review them!

I pray I had the foresight to simply write:

  1. Have the baby (our second child was due in May)
  2. Keep the kids alive

This list would have been the most realistic expectation of my year to come!

I am a true believer in the power of goal setting— writing them down and breaking them into achievable chunks.  I’m certain I included a variety goals on my list this year including fitness goals and goals to expand my blog.  I was probably filled with the motivation and ambition to achieve each one of my goals at the first of the year too.

Unfortunately for ambitious, pre-second child me, what I hadn’t accounted for was how big of a difference the arrival of our son would make in the “Me Time” I would have.  After he arrived in May, all personal goals quickly moved to the back burner while my life became filled with non-stop feedings, breastfeeding struggles, hours long snuggle sessions and learning how to juggle the constant demands of two children.


Friends warn you about the craziness that ensues when your family grows from one child to two (and you remember how they fell off the map for a while!) but nothing can prepare you for how all-encompassing caring for two small children will be that first year.

It is an amazing time filled with so much joy, love and firsts. But as a mom you have to be selfless, on-call and go with the daily flow of life with a new baby.

2016 didn’t leave me much “Me Time” but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was an amazing year adding another member to our sporty family.  Time with baby passes by so quickly you must live in the moment because before you know it they become a screamy toddler.  While I couldn’t blog as much as I had planned, I did come out of this year with two very happy, healthy children and returned to playing soccer—no small accomplishments! I call that a success.

The demands of motherhood will always wax and wane.  Some days are frustrating as you hunker down in the trenches to take care of family leaving no time for yourself.  Other days the stars will align, time will free up and you feel unstoppable.

There is never a perfect time to work on achieving your goals.  You need to jump in when you can, tackle small achievable pieces at a time and most importantly—be flexible.  Constantly juggling and reprioritizing is part of this motherhood gig and we ROCK at it!  It’s okay to adjust your goals and expectations when the demands of life change.

Always celebrate everything you did achieve no matter how big or small, on your list of resolutions or not.  Especially in a life with kids you must remember- You Are Amazing!


I am incredibly excited for the year ahead—The baby is becoming more self-reliant, freeing up time I can reclaim as my own!

I’ve got lots of new and exciting Kick It Like Mom content planned for you in 2017— Lightning fast tips for the active mom on the go, the latest and best in activewear style, the scoop on different fitness programs, quick workouts you can do at home, healthy recipes and so much more.  I hope it helps you in your quest to balance an active life and reach your goals!

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me and been supportive through this chaotic, sleep deprived year.

From the bottom of my heart— Here’s wishing you a VERY Happy, Healthy and Active 2017.

Go Mom Go!


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7 Comments on “Celebrating Success even when Goals Get Off- Track

  1. AWWW! I LOVE THIS!! I’m right there with you– I was like one wor- whhhaaattt?! I blogged about it over at http://www.nicolebeholds.com and chose the word “ME” to focus my “goals” around. Sometimes you need it!! Thanks for sharing… I think I’ll mention you in part 2 of my series if that’s okay 🙂

  2. Glad to have found this post through the SITS Girls Share Fest – I felt like I was constantly spinning my wheels in 2016, despite all the goals in my head. But, like you said, keeping my now screamy toddler alive was a huge accomplishment. Thank you for the reminder and best of luck with your 2017 goals!

    • Keeping infants & toddlers alive and (somewhat) happy is no joke and takes a lot of time 🙂 It was hard for me not to feel down when I couldn’t write but obviously the kids are a really high priority. Here’s to a bloggy 2017!

  3. What a little sweet pea he is!! Love finding your ‘sporty’ blog, and meeting someone who inspires other moms to also take Me time.

    Huge congrats on your son, and wishing you awesome 2017 adventures. 🙂

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