Five Easy Post Workout Snack Ideas (Better than the Kid Scraps You’re Eating Now)

Fitness Post Workout

Raise your hand if this scenario sounds familiar.

You’ve just finished a killer workout. Endorphins are kicking in and you are feeling on top of the world— and insanely hungry! Before you have the chance to grab a bite to eat, your family spots you and you’re instantly pulled in a million different directions. To satisfy your post-workout hungries you grab whatever food is quick and available—your kid’s half eaten sandwich left on the couch— and call it good.

Yep. My hand is up too.

Did you also you wake up sore the next morning? I sure did after a late night soccer game yesterday.

The second I walked in the door I was handed a fussy baby, the cat demanded to be fed and my daughter was up out of bed running wild. I was starving but chose to take care of everyone else before grabbing a few bites of my daughter’s leftover dinner and heading off to bed.

The next morning my body completely failed me.

Every muscle ached. My kids felt 10 pounds heavier. Walking up the stairs felt like climbing Mount Everest.

Rather than providing by body the post- workout fuel and hydration it needed to repair itself after my game, I had chosen the quickest (and most readily available) option of “kid scraps” and my body was paying the price.

Kid Scraps (def): Any type of food half eaten and left around the house or car by kids. If left by a toddler, may be a complete meal. Varieties include: chicken nuggets, fish sticks, most veggies or graham crackers.

Kid Scraps Food

Kid scraps may satisfy hunger but they don’t provide the fuel you need for an optimal post- workout muscle recovery. After exercising it’s important to replace the proteins, carbohydrates and electrolytes used to power you through your workout— and to replace them as quickly as possible. 

Eating the right foods helps repair and build muscle and aids in a quick recovery so you can go back out there and get it the next day. (Whether that’s on to the next workout or some high intensity kid wrangling!)

Thankfully most of us don’t need to fuel like an Olympic athlete so a post- workout snack can be quick and simple.

Try one of the 5 snacks below to grab, go and fuel. Grab and go put them in your gym bag or go hide in the bathroom to eat uninterrupted. Either way, your body thanks you in advance!


Healthy Nutrients Post Fitness Workout

Bananas are easy, inexpensive and a great source of potassium for replacing electrolytes lost through sweat.  They also have a high glycemic index which delivers fuel to your body more quickly.

Lara Bar

Lara Bars

Lara Bars are perfect for throwing in your gym bag and only use whole ingredients like dried fruits and nuts. Nuts provide a dose of protein and healthy fats while dried- fruit provides the glycogen and carbohydrates your muscles crave. You can even make your own!


Easy Green Smoothies Kale

A favorite of athletes everywhere. Whether you love green smoothies or those packed with fruit, smoothies are quick to make and flexible— you can put whatever ingredients you like in to replace what your body needs.  Add a scoop of protein powder and presto- muscle recovery in a drink!


This fridge staple packs a protein filled punch and is super quick to cook up and easy for your body to digest.  Scramble them or prepare an omelet with your favorite ingredients.

Chocolate Milk

Not only is chocolate milk a treat, it ticks off all the boxes- protein, carbs and water needed to rehydrate. It is quite possibly the perfect recovery snack! (Just don’t let the kids see…they’ll want to swipe it!)

What are some of your favorite go-to post workout snacks? 


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