No Boys Allowed: The Power (and Fun) of a Women’s Fitness Group

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Looking for a way to kick start a solid fitness routine, improve your sports skills or longing to try something new? There’s certainly no shortage of group fitness training options out there.  Running groups, fitness classes, sports skills clinics, boot camps— there are thousands of great programs out there to choose from.

How do you find the right one for you?

A mom’s “Me Time” is very limited.  When you are able to attend a fitness class or training session you need to get the most bang for your buck and pack in as much improvement (and fun!) as you can cram in. If you can relate (and I’m sure many of you can) you should look into all-female fitness training groups.

Many programs you come across may be co-ed, offering the same training for men and women. Depending on the sport and the mix of individuals participating this might be fine.  For others, dealing with the distraction of competitive male participants may not be ideal.

Training with a group of women, especially if you’re tentative about trying something new, offers a supportive environment where you can focus on improving skills at YOUR pace and comfort level.

Beyond the obvious benefits of increasing your fitness and skill level, the other less obvious reasons for joining a women’s group are what really rock!

Comfortable Environment

Working out surrounded by group of women puts you more at ease so you feel comfortable putting it all on the line— pushing yourself beyond your limits to master new skills or beat your previous best. 

If trying something new, you may feel less intimidated about failure and try and try again until you get it.  By pushing yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of you WILL leave feeling more accomplished and confident in your skills!

Women Group Soccer


When you are surrounded by other strong, athletic women who love your fitness routine or sport as much as you do there is always a certain sense of camaraderie. The feeling that “We’re all in this together. We can do this!” motivates you to keep going and to challenge yourself.

Certain skills or goals may at first seem impossible when the instructor shows you.  I’ll often share a laugh with the other women in my soccer clinics when shown a new skill thinking that there is NO way I can do that. Then we practice, encourage each other to keep trying and share in the amazing sense of accomplishment when we master the skill and discover that we CAN do it.

Group Women Fitness Exercise Workout

Smaller Group Size = More individualized attention

Many women’s classes and groups offer smaller class sizes meaning you’ll receive extra individualized attention from the instructor and improve more quickly.

I participate in a women’s soccer clinic catering to adult female players from all playing backgrounds and age groups (even us mamas!).  Players are split up into smaller groups by skill level and the smaller group size allows the coach to offer instruction on an individual basis.  More advanced players are challenged and beginning players have opportunity to go at their own pace and build confidence.

Of course you may not like the extra individual attention when your coach notices your bad habits, but you are going to improve much quicker than if left on your own with minimal input from the trainer.

Keelin Winters Pro Skills Soccer2


After a day of “socializing” with your kids and Dora the Explorer there is nothing better than getting out of the house, getting your workout on and chatting with a great group of women with similar sporty interests— Other fit moms who totally know what you go through to maintain an active lifestyle.

“I just drove 20 minutes out of the way to drop the kids with hubby to get here. Anything for my Me Time!” or “Awesome! I just found a handful of Cheerios and a member of the Paw Patrol in the pocket of my running shorts.”

And the absolute best? “Hey! Let’s go grab a drink after to cap off a kick-ass workout.” YES, PLEASE!!

A women’s fitness class, boot camp or skills clinic is an excellent way to get moving, improve yourself and keep up the passion for your sport— all while grabbing some valuable “Me Time” and making some new friends. With a little research you can find a group in your area that is the perfect fit for you!

What are your favorite types of fitness classes or training groups?

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