Go For It! The Benefits of Trying Something New

Kick It Like Mom Try Something New Standup Paddle Board Cover

The new year is here and it’s back to the daily grind of our regularly scheduled activities. If the thought of getting back to the monotonous routine of driving the kids to and from school, then to their usual after-school activities and then to your same ol’ gym class leaves you with a sense of overwhelming dread, why not mix it up and make a resolution to try something new this year!

You just never know just what may become a new passion….

Pre- holidays my 3-year old daughter’s regularly scheduled activities included pre-school, ballet and soccer. All of which she loves and all of which give her an outlet for her insane amount of energy. When all of her classes went on break during the holidays I was left thinking, “Oh my God….what are we going to do for two whole weeks?”

In an attempt to fill one of the mornings, we drove up to the mountains to do some sledding in the freshly fallen powder.  When we arrived we came across a snowboarding clinic for 3-7 year olds put on by Burton Snowboards as part of their Riglet Park Program. We watched for a bit as instructors (slowly) pulled kids around on tiny snowboards and taught them how to start, stop and catch their balance.

Mountain Snow Skiing Snowboarding

Normally very cautious of new activities and on the young end of the age range we thought our daughter would think the clinic was “too scary”. But she surprised us and told us she wanted to try it! “Really??! Are you sure?”, we asked. “Yes. I will snowboard.”, she said without hesitation.

Half expecting her to change her mind somewhere along the way (especially after we spent money on a lift ticket and a helmet), we watched as she went out there, strapped on the board and had a blast with her instructor cruising around the course. She loved it. And she hasn’t stopped asking to go again since.

Snowboarding Burton Riglet Park

If we had held on to our preconceptions about what our daughter won’t like to do, we would have missed this opportunity for her to try something new and find a love of snowboarding.  Plus, added bonus, we found a fun family activity to beat the doldrums of winter!

While finding a new passion is the most obvious benefit of trying an unfamiliar activity, there are other unexpected perks too.  And the message here doesn’t just apply to kids….it also goes for you!

It’s easy enough to just go with the flow— going through the motions of getting through the week.  Especially when you’re busy toting your kids around to all of their events. We feel most comfortable with familiar activities and knowing what their outcomes will be. Deviating from this can make you feel vulnerable and uncomfortable.

So why even try?

I can tell you, the rewards from throwing out all your reservations and going for it far outweigh any risks and feelings of vulnerability.


After having a baby, I signed up for a stroller fitness class thinking it was going to be easy and even a bit cheesy— only to find out it was anything but. The workouts were well planned, challenging and I met a positive group of fit, motivated mamas. I’ve also taken a beginning ballet class and felt like an idiot finding that I lack any sort of grace or flexibility.

Despite the ballet class not being my cup of tea, I still felt proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone and realized even giving it a try was a great accomplishment.

Going for it and trying something new is the only way to find a new passion, something we love to do and to break up the monotony of day-to-day routine. It keeps life fresh, interesting, challenging.

In being bold and putting yourself out there you’ll find pride in yourself, meet new and interesting people and become empowered by achieving something you didn’t think yourself capable.

We could all use a little more of all of that.

Why not make a goal this year to try something new once a month! Whether it be stand-up paddle boarding, skiing or that new gym class you’ve been meaning to try. Maybe it’s a painting or creative writing class. Mix up your routine and keep life exciting while finding that new passion you never knew you had!

Go for it!  

What new activity, that you’ve always wanted to try will you go for this year?



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