Just Say No to Buns: Easy Hairstyles for On & Off the Field

Sports Soccer Mom Athlete

The other day while getting my hair cut, my hair stylist quizzically studied my hair from root to tip and asked: “Um….do you by chance put your hair up in a bun or ponytail a lot?”

I looked up from my guilty pleasure US Weekly with an even guiltier look on my face and responded: “Well…I’m at home with a toddler most days and play soccer…so yes….all of the time.”

Soccer mom

The Go To Look for Soccer


Apparently throwing your hair up into a bun or ponytail all the time is bad for your hair and causes breakage (even though they are good for your sanity when you have exactly 2 minutes to do your hair in the morning).  Switching up styles helps but if you’re like me and lack hair creativity you may wonder where to start.

The answer was on display at this summer’s 2015 FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup Tournament (seriously!) Ditching their usual boring ponies, the women on the field sported easy and practical hairstyles- no prior hairstyling experience required!

All are perfect for playing sports, playing with kids, working out or an everyday look off the field. They are quick, easy and no hair pins required (If you’ve ever had a ball hit you on a hairpin you’ll know why this is a deal breaker!)

So say no to buns and try on one of these new dos:


Braids are IN! Whether this trend was inspired by the Mother of Dragons (or Frozen?) braids are back and were on full display at the World Cup. Braids down the middle, French braids at the front or a classic braid at the back— a fun braid can quickly be thrown in just about anywhere!

If you haven’t braided your hair since the 1990’s, check out Yet Another Beauty Site which offers easy to follow, step by step instructions with photos.

Braid Down the Middle: Alex Morgan, USA

French Braid in the Front: Ingrid Hjelmseth, Norway

Embed from Getty Images

Classic Braid in the Back: Christie Rampone ,USA

Embed from Getty Images

Ponies with a little somethin’, somethin’

If you just can’t be convinced to give up the pony (I’m in this camp too) try mixing them up and give them a little somethin’ somethin’ to make them more exciting!

Give it some oomph: Louisa Necib, France

Embed from Getty Images

Low Pony With a Twist

This look comes from The Beauty Department and is just as easy as a bun!

Fan Bun

Throwing your hair up in a bun every day is the quickest way to damage your hair (take it from me.) This Fan Bun from Yet Another Beauty Site gives you a little variety and is just as easy.

Fan Bun crop

Looking forward to seeing some sporty new dos out on the field! Who else is sporting those damaged locks from being active?



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