Toddlers and Crutches Don’t Mix

Sports Mom Injury

If you’re an athlete, runner or weekend warrior, injuries are (unfortunately) inevitable. From a small muscle strain to broken bones, injuries come in all shapes and sizes. And for active moms of little ones they ALL become a BIG deal real fast!

Playing soccer I pick up my fair share of injuries. Last summer it was a torn calf muscle which required 2 weeks of crutches (which were ditched after 2 days…because crutches and toddlers just don’t mix).

This summer it was a wrist and thumb injury which for playing soccer was no big deal. However, it became a HUGE issue the second I returned home after the game and my daughter jumped up into my arms, begged to be held and demanded I open her sippy cup.

Sports Mom Injury

Regardless of the pain we’re in or what rest the doctor prescribes — Frankly toddlers don’t give a damn! They still want you to carry them, get their book down for them, put the book back up, get the other book, open their sippy cup, close the sippy and they want it all now, now, NOW!

And you just want to get back to the activities you love. Now, now, NOW.

Here is what I have learned over the years to survive and get back out there as quickly as possible:

Get Help

You know all those times as a mom you’ve heard to ask for help? And you don’t do it? DO IT. There is just no other way to survive when you are injured.

Now is the time to admit you can’t do it all and reach out to relatives, friends, teammates, your mommy groups and ask for help. Help watching your kids while at the doctor. Help with small chores around the house. Even a playdate to keep your little ones occupied.

Consider hiring help where you can- babysitters, housecleaners, grocery delivery, takeout. These services become invaluable when you are immobile.


This is the most important step in the healing process and one to take seriously. This can be incredibly difficult to do with kids but remind yourself to prioritize it so your body can heal more quickly.

Good to Go! R.I.C.E & a muscle strain on the mend.

Go to Physical Therapy

It’s very easy to blow off a doctor’s recommendation to go to physical therapy. Especially when they recommend going several times a week. But I am a true believer in the good that it does.

Physical Therapy offices are often laid back and don’t mind if your kids tag along. (Mine was quite happy to play on an IPad and kick a ball around while I did my exercises.) Physical therapists do a more comprehensive assessment of the injury and constantly assess your progress towards healing, re-strengthening and complete range of motion. Having a PT gives you the confidence to know when it’s safe to return to your normal activities—without which you might push it too soon and cause a re-injury.

Plus, PT workouts are NO JOKE. If you’re getting restless from being couch bound, PT may be just what you need.

Time for toddlers to become more self-sufficient!

Seriously. Of course there are tasks they absolutely need help with but it’s the perfect time for them to learn a few new skills or how to help Mommy around the house 😉

Finally, remember to be patient. Recovering from injury takes time and can be incredibly frustrating (Two steps forward, one step back). Listen to your body and don’t push anything too soon which leads to re-injury. Try to stay positive!

Happy Healing!

What other tips do you have for surviving an injury with kids? Comment Below!


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