Find Your Go: Fitness Blender

The ‘Find Your Go’ Series scouts out the best fitness programs for moms so you don’t have to!

You’ve probably seen the videos and Pinterest worthy graphics…on Facebook, on Twitter, pretty much everywhere…the at-home workouts a mommy can easily do alongside her littlest ones or while they play quietly nearby.

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has kids who will happily participate in a mommy and me workout or are content in the stroller during a long run making living an active life a breeze!

But for most of us mommies out there (myself included) working out with a baby or toddler who has never been content in a stroller or sees mommy’s workout time as the perfect opportunity to wander off isn’t realistic. For us, a quality at-home workout has to fit into nap-time, be quick and easy to access and be physically challenging in a short amount of time.

Enter an amazing fitness program called Fitness Blender. (

Fitness Blender is a FREE(!) online at-home fitness program which offers hundreds of quality, full-length workouts and an amazing variety including: HIIT, barre, strength training, cardio, yoga, even kettleball and more. (Stress Busting Cardio Kickboxing anyone?)

Created and instructed by the husband and wife personal training team of Daniel and Kelli Segars, Fitness Blender allows you to filter by type of workout, intensity level, workout length, body focus and equipment needed. You can quickly narrow down the selection to fit your training goals and how you feel on any given day. Whether you’re up for just a 5 minute booty blast or a 79 minute 1000 calorie burn they’ve got something for everyone!

The instructors are extremely relatable and motivational, doing the entire workout right alongside you offering tips and instruction on form in a positive up-beat way. After being yelled at all day by a toddler it’s nice not to hear more from a drill sergeant fitness instructor.

Workouts include cool graphics which show your progress, how many seconds left in each exercise as well as a video preview of the next exercise so you can jump right into it.

If you are looking for an at-home fitness program which offers you flexibility, variety and a challenge you’ve got to try Fitness Blender! It’s the perfect program for busy, active moms to squeeze in a quality workout (or two!) during the limited free- time in your day.


Fitness Blender- High quality, full-length workout videos- absolutely free!

Format: Online,

Structure: Hundreds of workout videos. Filter by type, intensity and length of workout desired

Body Focus: Core, Lower Body, Upper Body, Total

Features to Love: Filters, Relatable Instructors, Tips, Variety

Perfect for: Cross-training or Primary fitness routine

Also Available (for a small fee): Comprehensive multi-week fitness programs, meal plans and e-books

What do you look for in a great at-home fitness program?


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