Let’s Get Physical: 5 Easy Ways to Get Active

Woman Running Beginning Active Fitness

Spring is finally here! Flowers are blooming and the glowing sun inspires us to finally get outside and get moving!

If you are just starting out, getting back into it after a baby or it’s just been a while there are no shortage of fabulous fitness options to choose from. Being active doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated or time consuming. You don’t need to join a gym or hire an expensive personal trainer to get started.

Here are 5 easy and budget friendly ways to get your move on.

Try a variety (or all!) of them to find a fitness program that works with your schedule, fitness level and one that keeps you motivated. When you find something that you love, you will be inspired each day to keep moving!

Your Local Community Center or Library

Women Fitness Active Exercise Group Beginning Tips

Community Centers are a wonderful resource to help kick start active living. Offering a variety of classes (hello Zumba, Barre and Yoga!) at a reasonable cost, it’s the perfect place to try something new.

Your local community center may also offer a Class Pass to try a variety of classes, a Walking/ Jogging track, gym equipment or even childcare giving you that valuable “Me-Time” during a class.

Local libraries also have resources or meet-up groups to help you find your perfect fitness fit.

Fitness Videos

Woman Beginning Exercise Active Fitness DVD Home

Fitness videos are a terrific way to squeeze in a workout if time is an issue, you have littles running around or if you’re uncomfortable in a class or gym environment.

The selection of workouts offered on DVD and even YouTube (many for free) is endless. Ask friends for their favorites or check your local library to try out a program you might enjoy. Think about your fitness goals or target areas you’d like to tone, how much time you have each day and which programs look fun!

Be sure to mix up the type of workouts you do. Your body will respond more quickly to a variety and you will be more likely to stick with it!

Sign up for a 5k Fun Run
Women Fun Run Exercise Active Fitness Beginner
 photo credit: Torquay half marathon 2012_1062 via photopin (license)

Fun Runs are FUN (hence distracting you from the “Run” part of it!) They are not as competitive as a standard 5k race and incorporate fun themes and activities your entire family will enjoy: costumes, color runs, kid’s activities or a beer garden to reward yourself after! These are a fabulous way to set goals for yourself, working up to running 5k (3.1 miles) and for families to be active together.

More about the family friendly benefits of running a race

Women’s only classes, training groups or skills clinics

Looking for an enjoyable way to get fit, try something new and meet new fun sporty female (and mom!) friends? A women’s only fitness class or training group may be just the thing!

There’s just something about training with a group of women which offers a comfortable and supportive environment where you can focus on being active at YOUR pace and level of comfort.

Just get out there for a walk/jog

Women running fitness active

The quickest, easiest and most budget friendly way to get active is to get outside for a jog or even a walk. If you’re just starting out or lacking motivation (it’s okay…we ALL have those days) start out at 10 minutes and increase the time gradually each day.

Write down progressive goals for yourself to work towards. Invite a friend to join you to keep you motivated (and company!). Taking your little one out in a stroller provides some nice time for them to study the world and get some fresh air.

You will be amazed how quickly your stamina will increase and how much further you can go each day.

Whatever fitness program you chose the benefits of being active are endless! Being active reduces stress, increases your energy level and boosts your confidence along with the physical health benefits. And honestly…..what mom doesn’t need more of all of that?

Note: If you have any health or injury concerns it is best to consult with your doctor to determine the best fitness routine for you.

What fitness programs did you start out with that you loved? Any advice for sporty sisters just starting out? Please comment below and share!


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