A Mom, Her Soccer Ball and Going After a Goal

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Week 6 in the Pursuit of a Passion Series.

Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming. -John Wooden

In a previous article, Unlocking Your Potential, I asked: When we as moms put so much of our time, energy and focus into helping our children achieve their goals is there much left in the tank for us to improve ourselves? What if we have a mentor, coach or personal cheerleader pushing us to reach our full potential? Is it too late?

I set off to find out if I could significantly improve as a soccer player by participating in a 6 week Women’s Soccer Academy put on by Pro-Skills Soccer and coached by professional players Keelin Winters and Dani Foxhoven of the Seattle Reign FC. The comprehensive course included a coached skills clinic plus 2 at home training sessions each week, a course workbook and skills videos to study.



Back to School with our curriculum!


The program and coaching were amazing! Keelin and Dani each have an innate coaching ability and push each player to be their best in a positive, fun and supportive way. Over the 6 weeks we worked on a variety of skills and the at home training sessions integrated each weeks’ highlighted skill. It was hands down the best soccer training I have ever participated in.

Was it easy? Absolutely not.

Being a mom presented many obstacles to completing the training but I was determined to stick with the program. It was difficult to carve out time to do the assigned at home skills practices with a toddler attached to my hip, leg, arms… I improvised by completing most of the drills a few minutes here and there in my living room during naptime.

In week 3 of the program I had to get a wisdom tooth out which put me behind in training and by week 5 my body was starting to wear down. Squeezing training into an already packed family schedule was challenging as well.

Despite all this I kept at it and pushed myself past what I thought my limits were. Referring back to the reasons achieving this goal was important to me kept me motivated.

Empty Field

Practicing every chance I get.


Was it worth it? YES.

Participating in the academy allowed me to focus on myself and what is important to me as an individual. This may sound silly but when you have kids those moments are very few. I worked hard at something I was passionate about while being surrounded by a supportive group of strong female athletes.

And my soccer skills?

Those improved too! The hard work I put in paid off. I vastly improved in the areas we were measured on AND won the Most Improved Player award! Not bad for a mom right?

PSS Winners

The Pro Skills Soccer coaches and top players!


As this part of my story comes to a close I will tell you this. There is ALWAYS more room to improve yourself, even when kids’ priorities come first, you barely have time for yourself and as you get older. With a positive mindset, hard work, support and determination you can push yourself past what you thought possible to achieve your goals.

Discovering that I could improve while reconnecting with my passion feels amazing! For the first time in a long time I felt like ME again rather than “just a mom”. Knowing that I achieved my goal through focus, confidence and working incredibly hard makes it that much more rewarding.

Plus I won a fabulous new jersey as a prize (Thanks Keelin!) and a wonderful bunch of new friends in the process! How great is that?

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