Pursuit of a Passion: Week 3- When Life Takes You Down

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The previous Kick It Like Mom article Unlocking Your Potential talked about how much focus we put on our children’s potential rather than on our own and asked the question: What can we accomplish when we focus on improving ourselves rather than just doing?

I’ve set out on a 6 -week journey to find out. I’m attending a comprehensive Women’s Soccer Academy put on by Pro Skills Soccer and professional players Keelin Winters and Dani Foxhoven of the Seattle Reign FC. The course guarantees you’ll leave a stronger overall player and athlete. Can this 30-something soccer mom still learn some new tricks in the sport I love or should I leave well enough alone? I’ll be sharing what I learn!

Week 3

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.” ~H. G. Wells

Right when things are going well seems to be precisely when life decides to take you down a notch.

The third week of my quest to become a stronger soccer player started with a stellar Pro Skills Soccer clinic on shooting- most player’s favorite thing to work on. The practice was technical, fast-paced and most importantly, fun! The group of women participating in the soccer academy is becoming closer, supporting each other and enjoying plenty of laughter.

The practice made for a good distraction because the next morning held a trip to the oral surgeon to have a fashionably late (20 years) wisdom tooth taken out.

The first question I asked the surgeon at my consultation was how long the recovery would be and when I could play soccer again. He advised me it was likely I wouldn’t feel up to being active for about a week and that I needed to listen to my body.

He was right. I felt horrible the next week and was frustrated about falling behind in my training. I had been making such great progress and now all I could do was rest. No games, no practice, no working out.

It can be extremely deflating to run into a wall when you’ve been working hard and making real gains towards achieving your goals. Remembering that progress, especially in sports and fitness, is not always linear is hard but the most important thing to consider is being healthy.

Running and sport ankle sprain injury

To be healthy you must LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Finding balance includes your fitness but also healthy eating, time to connect with friends and family, your own mental and emotional state and rest when it becomes necessary.

Being in tune with your body will help you avoid injury (or re-injury) from overuse, illness from being run down and burnout from doing too much too fast. Listening and resting when needed does wonders for the healing process when injured or sick. Like with all things in life, being a good listener goes a long, long way to having a happy relationship with your body!

Still, when you are knocked down and need to rest it can be hard to get back up.

Connect back to what inspires you. Stories, photos, support from friends and family or that fire within. For me it’s the women attending the Pro Skills Soccer Academy. Despite the range of skill levels and experience, everyone supports each other, cheers them on when they do well and gives them encouragement.

I took a week off to heal and am behind in my practice coursework. Despite this, I know at the next clinic these women will lift me up and motivate me to catch up. Teammates and workout buddies are a wonderful thing!

How do you recover from major obstacles to your goals? Leave a Comment!


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