Pursuit of a Passion: Week 1

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The previous Kick It Like Mom article Unlocking Your Potential talked about how much focus we put on our children’s potential rather than on our own and asked the question: What can we accomplish when we focus on improving ourselves rather than just doing?

I’ve set out on a 6 -week journey to find out. I’m attending a comprehensive Women’s Soccer Academy put on by Pro Skills Soccer and professional players Keelin Winters and Dani Foxhoven of the Seattle Reign FC. The course guarantees you’ll leave a stronger overall player and athlete. Can this 30-something soccer mom still learn some new tricks in the sport I love or should I leave well enough alone? I’ll be sharing what I learn!

Week 1

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” ~Richard Branson

The first week of my journey kicked off with the first of six Pro Skills Soccer skills clinics. Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect. What would the academy course require of me? How skilled would the other players be? How hard would the drills be? What was I getting myself into?!

I was overjoyed to find there was a group of about 10 women attending with a range of experience…so at least I was in the right place!

To begin we completed a baseline test of our technical soccer skills so our improvement at the end of the 6 weeks could be measured. Now I haven’t had my soccer skills evaluated since high school and I hadn’t done the drills we were tested on for months. I stumbled through and was surprised to find that my biggest challenge was actually being able to focus on the task at hand. I can’t remember the last time I could actually focus on just ONE thing at a time thanks to my non-stop toddler! I guess day after day of processing multiple inputs at once had taken its toll. And the last time I could focus long enough to complete a thought was…

Anyway, I struggled to really dial-in to and push myself hard. Needless to say my results weren’t as good as they should be. I was disappointed.

After another hour of skills drills and games we were presented with our academy course workbooks. Each week was to include 3 sessions- a 1.5 hour skills clinic coached by Keelin and Dani, a 45 minute session to be done on our own to practice new skills and a 30 minute warm-up session to be completed before one of our games.

PSS Coursebook

I was immediately overwhelmed. The progressive design of the course, skills practices and videos included were amazing. But how in the world was I going to fit everything into my already packed schedule of being a mom? I get about 2 free hours each day in which I already cram eating, cleaning, blogging and a million other tasks into. And trying to practice with a highly energetic 2 year old around? Yeah right!

I had to stop and remind myself: This is important to me. I just have find a way to do it. No excuses.

I mentally committed myself to the challenge and giving it my all.

Just like everything else in “mom-world” I’ll have to schedule and prioritize and then reprioritize and reprioritize and reprioritize…

This first week of the academy I’ve been doing the best I can: stumbling through drills, trying to remember the footwork, checking and rechecking (and rechecking!) the instructional videos, LOTS of huffing and puffing, sneaking in practice during naps. It is slow going but will only get better. I am committed!

When accepting a challenge that is truly important to you, whether a fitness challenge, a goal you’ve set or a path to self- improvement, you will find a way to make it work. Before figuring out the HOW take a step back and remind yourself of the WHY and write it down! Referring back to the reasons the challenge you are facing is important to you will help on those days where it seems like too much to tackle.

Mentally commit yourself. Then go ahead, step outside your comfort zone and give it everything you’ve got!

Challenge Accepted. Bring on Week 2! Let the craziness begin…

What challenges are you tackling head on this year? How do you get started? Comment below!


9 Comments on “Pursuit of a Passion: Week 1

  1. Great glig and very inspirational. My biggest challenge will be to lose weight and commit to a complete workout plan (cardio, strength training, flexibility). I know the Why and have mentally committed to it, now i have to incorporate the How to get started. I think the main thing is not to expect everything to happen quickly. I actually want to enjoy the journey this time.

    • Absolutely! Reaching an important goal (especially fitness goals) takes a lot of work. Being realistic and continuing to remind yourself WHY you’re doing it makes it a lot more doable…and fun. I’m on to the HOWS this week…it’s going to be a challenge for sure!

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