Unlocking Our Potential- Is It Too Late?

When is the last time you thought about reaching your full potential? If you’re a mom it’s probably been a while!

Analyzing and addressing our children’s potential is something we spend hours on every day. We receive constant feedback on their strengths and areas for improvement from teachers, coaches and our own observations. We work with our kids non-stop to teach them, encourage them and help them achieve everything they are capable of. Of course this is because we love them and it is our job as parents to mold them into capable little human beings.

This past month I was filling out preschool applications which asked “What are your child’s greatest strengths and challenges?” (Well she’s 2…so…) and received a report card for her Mommy and Me soccer class highlighting her strengths on their very tiny field (“Very energetic! Loves to High-Five!”).

As I contemplated my daughter’s future I realized I hadn’t thought about reaching my own full potential in years.

Any career potential I had was quickly tabled when I decided to stay at home after having a baby and I’m pretty sure analyzing potential as a mom opens a huge Pandora’s Box! What about my own athletic potential then? Has that ship sailed?

In my previous life as a single, 20-something soccer playin’ female I felt the sky was the limit for my career, my social life and my soccer skills. After turning 30 and having kids that “sky” of potential disappeared along with my free time…I’m pretty sure my daughter took it!

All the time in the world….

I still play soccer twice a week on women’s teams…no coaches or trainers to help us improve our game. Just some fast, fierce and fun exercise, competition and friendly banter! My teammates and I don’t think much about our skill level. We’re just happy to be playing and to leave without injury.

Still, I do long to discover if I could become a stronger athlete…to find out if this 30-something soccer mom can still learn some new tricks or if I should leave well enough alone.

An opportunity recently arose to attend a 6 -week comprehensive Women’s Soccer Academy put on by Pro-Skills Soccer and Keelin Winters and Dani Foxhoven of the Seattle Reign FC. The course includes a clinic every week, at home sessions to complete and course workbook and skills videos to study. They guarantee you’ll leave a stronger player. I jumped at the chance to participate!

The course starts today and I’ll be posting over the next six weeks about my journey to finally find out what I’m made of.

The lessons I am about to learn and share apply to all of us moms and in all areas, fitness or otherwise. What can we accomplish when we focus on improving ourselves rather than just doing. What are we capable of when we let go of preconceptions and give it our all. What if we have a mentor, coach or personal cheerleader pushing us to reach our full potential? Are we already too set in our ways to make a noticeable improvement?

We’re about to find out! Stay tuned….


8 Comments on “Unlocking Our Potential- Is It Too Late?

  1. I’m so incredibly proud of you! We should never stop pushing ourselves to full potential. It’s so hard to carve out the time with young children and easier to make excuses. You never do that! You make it happen and you inspire me! This is a great forum for moms.. It’s so important to feel you’re doing what you love and face some obstacles head on getting there, if that’s what it takes! I’m looking forward to your updates.. And to witnessing your furthered skills out there when I’m lucky enough to be on the field with you!
    🙂 Deirdre

    • Thank you Deirdre! Us sports moms need to stick together and keep each other motivated! I hope we can build a community of strong women who are setting strong examples for their children 🙂 Week 1 of my “Unlocking Your Potential’ Series will be posted later this week!

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