Welcome to Kick It Like Mom

Welcome to Kick It Like Mom: Creating a community for the real sports moms…The ones who play!

Being a mom is HARD. Being one who is active in sports and fitness takes tremendous dedication and motivation. Most of us are just real moms. Real moms who are busy, constantly juggling the demands of family, work, other activities and don’t have time or energy for intense workouts 7 days a week. It can be a struggle to prioritize our desire to be healthy and keep our own identity as an athlete.

With that said though, we are in a unique and special position to be a positive role model for our kids. By living the healthy, happy, confident lifestyle that comes with being physically active we are modeling how to live healthy and the values of being a team player, how to set goals, persevere to achieve them and gain confidence, all on a playing field of gender equality.

So whether you are a soccer mom, a runner mom, a yoga mom or even a mom looking to get back into fitness, this blog is for you! I hope Kick It Like Mom will inspire & motivate you to keep moving or to get started and make it easy for you with weekly posts, photos, profiles of real sports moms, interviews, reviews of mom friendly products, classes and services and much more.

Our mission is this: To create a community of moms who are active in sports & fitness, To connect and share with each other, To inspire, encourage and motivate each other to keep playing…or to start, To celebrate the strength & perseverance it takes to be a sport playing mom and the example we set for our children, To find the humor in trying to balance it all… because we could ALL use more laughs!

Check out the site!! Looking for some inspiration? You can browse the entire blog on the “The Sports Mom Blog” page which features all of the latest posts, picture and articles. Or zero in on the topic that interests you the most one of the following category pages:

Get Moving: Quick and easy workouts, how-tos and more

Nutrition: Information and recipes to help busy moms keep it simple

Style: Being sporty, stylish AND comfortable

Real Sports Moms: Meet some real sports moms that are out there kicking it everyday

Resources: Resources to help you keep moving or even get started for the first time

Feel free to contact me via email with your thoughts, inspiration, stories or to let me know what you want to hear about! As active sports moms we all share the same motivation, inspiration, benefits and challenges that come with playing sports and staying active.

I am very excited to launch this blog in the anniversary month of Title IX- the legislation that brought more equality to the playing field and changed the face of women’s sports forever.

We are all in this together….now let’s get out there and Kick It!

~Chief Executive Kick It Mom- Lorna Croswell


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