The Sports Mom To Do List


Moms ALWAYS have too much to do….and WAY too little time to do it. Add in the tasks that come with playing sports or keeping fit and you’ve got one heck of a juggling act that only a miracle (or coffee) can help you power through!

“To Do” in the next 2 hours while my child naps:

  • 30 minutes on treadmill
  • Shower
  • Eat breakfast (When did I last eat??)
  • Drink more coffee
  • Laundry
  • Make spinach banana muffins (Haha kids… you WILL eat vegetables)
  • Dry out my wet soccer shoes before they start to smell (Damn….too late)
  • Clean out my soccer bag (CRAP! I lost ONE shin guard….grrr)
  • Order new shin guards
  • Re-bandage injured toenail from last night’s game (Ugh when will it just fall off! Guess I won’t be getting a pedicure anytime soon)
  • Email husband to stop buying surprise pedicures
  • Make grocery list
  • Feed cat
  • Put on make-up and dry hair (only if there’s time…and there won’t be)

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